Launched in 2020, the Coloring Lessons mix series started in the springtime, as a way to uplift our community with music, and get funds and donations over to artists who have lost work during the Covid-19 pandemic. As cancellations, shutdowns, and closures in our beloved nightlife community grew, we wanted to have the mix series as an outlet for artists to be able to make a bit of money, and for fans to listen to their favorite DJs, all while quarantining in the safety of their homes.

Now in 2022, we are still going strong with the series, and releasing a new mix every month from the most talented DJs and selectors in our city and beyond.


  1. musclecars
  2. Bergsonist
  3. Takaya Nagase
  4. Beewack
  5. DJ Monchan
  6. Shawn Dub & The Duchess
  7. Malik Hendricks
  8. Rimarkable
  9. Son Of Lee
  10. Soul Summit Music
  11. Paurro
  12. Planet B
  13. Haruka
  14. Jadalareign
  15. For Future’s Sake
  16. Loka
  17. Dazzle Drums
  18. Donis
  19. Levon Vincen & Eric Maltz
  20. Hugo LX & Théo Terev
  21. Lauren Murada
  22. DJ Mihoko
  23. Kim Lightfoot
  24. St. James Joy
  25. Ali Coleman
  26. Kfeelz
  27. Carlos Sanchez
  28. Lovie, fka Lindsay Zae
  29. Mike Simonetti
  30. Rissa Garcia
  31. John Silas
  32. Kiana
  33. Ivy Barkakati
  34. Herb Martin Love & Respect x Amadi
  35. Bale Defoe
  36. Mr. O’Neil
  37. Kat Offline
  38. DJ Raqx and Kfeelz
  39. Rose Kourts
  40. Kilopatrah Jones
  41. Marco Weibel (RA Mix of the Day)


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