Coloring Lessons is a New York City based party, radio show, mix series and record label. Established in 2018 by Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield (musclecars), the Coloring Lessons ethos is to add value to NYC’s dance music community and beyond. Read some FAQ’s below.

What is Coloring Lessons?

Coloring Lessons is an NYC based party, radio show, mix series, and record label.

So, do I need to bring crayons? A coloring book?

Not mandatory, but feel free to, so long as you don’t color on the dance floor :)

Where is this party you speak of?

The parties take place at Mood Ring (Bushwick), Le Bain (Meatpacking District), and Public Records (Boerum Hill), and Nowadays (Ridgewood) respectively. Keep an eye out for upcoming flyers to see where and when the next party will take place.

Will security at the door let me bring in my crayons?

Hmm I’m not sure you get the idea- it’s just a regular party. No crayons needed...

Yeah yeah, whatever. How do I listen to the radio show? Do people even still own radios?

Not sure if people still own radios, but several folks in our city are really holding it down with internet radio. For Coloring Lessons Radio, you can catch us online and in person at The Lot Radio (last sunday of each month, 2-4pm), or listen to select past shows from Lot Radio and Half Moon Radio on our Soundcloud.

Sounds cool. I heard the mix series is where you offer lessons on mixing paints? Is that why you call it Coloring Lessons????

Not quite ;) The mix series is an exciting series of live mixes by various DJs from NYC and beyond. Expect a new mix on the first Friday of every month, via our SoundCloud.

So this really isn’t about coloring at all?

At this point, no :( If you’re here to color, we’re so sorry we led you astray...

OK OK, FINE. Can you at least tell me about these records???

That we can! We started a record label to give a platform to local artists from our city and beyond, and make sure we promote sustainable practices regarding ownership and artist integrity. Also, the music coming out on the label really be going off in the club.

This all sounds lovely (minus the lack of coloring). How can I support?

Aside from purchasing the music coming out on the label, we have a fun merch tab on the site where you can shop the latest T-shirts. There will be a lot more to shop coming soon. Stay tuned via our Instagram (@coloringlessons) or join our mailing list for updates!


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